Основы управления персоналом-BEITRAINING-Семинары-poEvrope

Dear Anja and Gil!

In February, 2010 our company had an opportunity to send the members
of our International center for Educational Tourism «poEvrope» to your
training «Business Building Basics».

In only two days you were able to cover the main themes of the analysis
of leadership styles and the presentation of some unique recruiting tools.
Thanks to the professionalism and focus of the trainers the most
important result has been achieved: the participants are inspired and
motivated to continue their progress in the tourism market, while
creating a strong team of employees.

It is clear that high-quality practice always needs a good theoretical
base.Also I wanted to mention a comfortable and friendly atmosphere during
the training.

We look forward to further cooperation!

General Director of ICTE poEurope
Knyshev O.V.