Профессиональные техники продаж для торговых агентов-BEITRAINING-Семинары-Muduev M.S.

Dear Anja,

I would like to thank BEI and you for providing such high-quality training!
I have been in private practice since 2004. From the very beginning I knew that I
sorely lacked some very essential skills for success.

Again and again I have added to my knowledge of the law, believing that the whole
basis of my success is the ability to do the job well. After the QSS training I realized
how wrong I was.
Now I am completely sure the basis of a successful lawyer depends on the ability to
sell. I have no doubt that the ability to sell is more important to success than the
ability to provide excellent legal services. First-rate service is, of course, also
important, but the ability to sell is essential to find the clients to serve with

I have started to use the knowledge gained from the QSS training programme in
my work. My meetings, negotiations and discussions with customers have become
more pleasant, easier and more focused and this, despite the fact that I have only
had time to begin to implement a few of the tips from BEI.

Thank you Anja!
Thank you Gil!

Best regards,
Mikhail Muduev